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5 Ways to Get More Dates on Black Dating Websites

Black dating websites are a great way to meet like-minded, single people who are looking for dates with black people. However, there are a variety of reasons why you might not get as many dates as you deserve. Whether you’re not using the site’s features properly, or you just aren’t getting traffic through your profile page, we’ve 5 top tips to help you get more dates on black dating sites…


1: Non-black dates

Black dating websites aren’t just for black people, and so you can find a lot of non-black members. Many of these non-black members are interested in dating black men and women, so if you’re open to interracial relationships then it’s a good idea to include this fact in your preferences (often under ‘physical details’ when performing a search). You might even suggest that you’re open to dating people of other races on your profile page.


2: Stand out

Standing out on dating sites is a big bugbear for members. There are no huge secrets here, but we do have a few subtle recommendations which can improve how many people visit your profile page. Firstly, if you have an interest, preference or hobby, you should mention this on your profile page. The site may use it to match you to other members, or you may even appear in more search results if people search for a key word. We also recommend completing your profile and adding photos, which results in most members receiving a lot more attention. You can also upgrade your account (sometimes as a free bonus, or pay for the benefit) so that your profile is highlighted in search results.


3: Personal approach

It can be tempting to bombard all attractive members with a quick “Hey how are you doing?” style message, or even something a little more intriguing, such as “I like your profile, fancy chatting?” The problem with these messages is that they just seem so impersonal, and members may easily realize that you’ve just send the same message to dozens of other dates. We’ve found that a personal approach is much more successful in terms of getting a response. Try actually reading a profile, picking up on an interest, hobby or viewpoint which you’d like to talk about, and then contact the person regarding that topic. We’re pretty sure you’ll get better results.


4: Distance dating

If you don’t mind the idea of a long-distance relationship, or you’re up for travelling to another area to meet a date, you should widen the area you’re willing to date within. Usually you can set this in your profile settings, or you can search for members within a certain radius of your address within the advanced search settings. Doing so will mean that you can view profiles of members who live a bit further away from you, widening your net and the potential number of dates who will suit your preferences. Other members who are looking to date outside of their locale will also find you in their search results, so chances are you’ll receive more hits.


5: Multi-site membership

Some black dating sites are not stand-alone, but they actually belong to a group of dating website. If this is the case with yours (you can usually find this information at the bottom of the homepage, or in the FAQ) then you might be able to explore the sister sites for free, and even contact their members at no charge. These sister sites may not be specifically for people who are interested in black dates, but they can offer an untapped pool of single members if you’re wise enough to check them out.


The lowdown…

You can greatly improve your chances of finding dates on black dating websites, if you are willing to expand on your dating preferences. Dating non-black people, for example, ought to open up more members for you. Additionally, you might find more like-minded single members if you increase the geographical range of your dating circle. Standing out from the crowd may seem difficult, but completing your profile and adding photos, as well as becoming a ‘highlighted’ member, can really help. Finally, you may vastly increase your dating pool if you join a site which allows you access to its various sister dating websites. With those tips in mind, we’re sure you’ll find more success on black dating websites.

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