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5 Things to Avoid when Looking for a Black Dating Website

If you’re hoping to join a black dating website then you’ve plenty to look forward to. All going well, you should get a chance to talk to a variety of interesting, attractive, single black people from around the world! However, before you jump in with your credit card blazing, there are a few things you should look out for…


1: Fake or dead profiles

Unfortunately you may come across profile pages which are no longer in use or – worse still – are designed to lure you into a trap. Fake profiles might have been set up with no intention of finding dates, but rather to encourage you to join another site, send money or private details online. If you’re ever suspicious of a profile / member then you should contact the customer services team to have them checked out. Profiles which are no longer used may also clog up your search results, but some dating sites allow you to only look for members who have recently been online, which is a good way of weeding out the time-wasters. If a black dating site has a lot of dead profiles, it’s probably a good idea to look elsewhere.


2: Immediate interest

Flattering as it might seem to receive sexual advances as soon as you sign into a website, this is probably a sign of someone trying to scam you. We’ve received messages of interest a number of times whilst setting up accounts, without even having filled in our profile information. It’s not hard to avoid this scam, just think carefully: would anybody seriously approach you for intimate action before getting to know you? We advise a little caution around members who are seemingly too quick off the mark.


3: Hidden costs

Whilst most black dating sites should lay out their prices and packages clearly, you may find that other (often which initially appear very cheap) could come with some hidden costs. For example, you may be charged extra to download videos or photos, or you may be charged to use their web cam chat features. Try to find out as much information about what’s included in your package, and how much it might cost, before signing up.


4: Lack of features

A site may have millions of members. It might look professionally produced. It may even have been endorsed by a top psychologist or dating expert. However, if it doesn’t have the features you need, it won’t be all that useful. If you want to chat in forums, or using your webcam, or you want to be able to call members, you need to find a site which offers those features. Some dating sites can seem fantastic, but they lack the customer support or communication tools to really help their members connect. We recommend signing up for free and exploring the site, maybe even taking advantage of a short trial period if one is on offer. And that brings us to our final thing to watch out for…


5: Trials with paid auto-renewals

You’ll probably find that some black dating sites offer a short (often just 24 hours, or up to 1 week) trial period. This may cost you a few dollars, but it can be a good way to explore the site and to try out the features it has to offer its members. Great, right? Well, just be a little bit careful and don’t forget to read the terms and conditions, especially if you have to provide your payment details, because some dating sites will charge you a high monthly membership fee if you don’t cancel your trial at the correct time. This can make your cheap trial suddenly very expensive.


The lowdown…

The tricks and pitfalls of black dating websites are usually easily avoided. The basic rule is that you should never hand out your personal or banking details, and always check the terms and conditions before entering any of your payment information. If you enjoy using the site and nothing seems untoward, you’re probably safe to proceed.

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